There’s a new update to the FarmVille Mystery Game and now lucky fellows who play the game can win a bunch of SouthWestern themed animals. If you’re curious to see the list of animals you can win, here it is:

– Appaloosa Horse (Rare)
– Bobcat (Rare)
– Roadrunner (Uncommon)
– Longhorn Cow (Uncommon)
– Jackrabbit (Common)
– Woody’s Cactus (Common)

Have in mind that all the new SouthWester Animals that were released today, August 11th, in FarmVille can not be purchased from the Market – they can only be won by playing the Mystery Game. So… there’s one question left to be asked:

Will you be playing the mystery game? If so, which is your favorite animal (OK, there were 2 questions, in the end…)