How to Fix the “Can’t play this game” Error on Xbox 360

How to Fix the “Can’t play this game” Error on Xbox 360

xbox360-troubleshootingToday we are continuing our tutorial trip in the world of Xbox 360 with a quick update regarding a strange error which simply says “Can’t play this game”. In case you get such an error after purchasing a new title, don’t worry – it will soon be fixed, automatically. According to Microsoft, the reasons why a “Can’t play this game” error occurs are detailed below.

According to the company, one of the things that makes Xbox 360 so powerful is its capacity for receiving improvements—automatic enhancements to its features and performance—even after you’ve brought it home.

Over time you’ll encounter Disc Updates for Xbox 360. This means that certain games may be designed with a degree of sophistication that requires an update to your Xbox 360 system’s flash memory. The discs for these games will include all necessary updates right alongside the game data.

The first time you load such a game, the game disc will automatically update your Xbox 360 console for optimum performance with that game, so you’ll no longer get the “Can’t play this game” error message! Happy gaming!