Splinter Cell: Conviction has just been released and the game can be considered a massive hit already, but unfortunately some users can’t fully experience it because of some really unpleasant game crashes or freezes. In this article we’ll try to find some solutions that will fix the aforementioned problems and Splinter Cell: Conviction crashes and freezes will be gone. So if you’re having problems with the game, read on!

First of all, you must make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game. Next, it would be wise to update system’s drivers to the latest version and try to run the game. Also, make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet while playing even in single player – this is a strange requirement from Ubisoft, but otherwise the game WON’T RUN! If Splinter Cell: Conviction still encounters problems after these tweaks, here what you should try to do to fix game’s crashes and freezes:

1. If you have an ATI card and the latest drivers don’t do the trick, you could try rolling back to driver version 8.10. Strangely, most of the problems related to this card appeared after the release of driver 8.10.

2. If you’re running the game on a laptop, the problem might be from the fact that the video card is not supported. Tough luck here…

3. To run in two cores: After you have loaded the Game’s Main Menu, Open Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and Click on the Processes Tab. Now Right click the process that is running e.g. conviction_game.exe, and Click on the ‘Set Affinity’ option, and then ‘Uncheck’ any 6 boxes labelled as CPU 0, CPU 1 etc., and click on the OK button. But first Launch the game and then press ‘ALT-TAB’ to go back to the desktop, and now open the Task Manager, and follow the above method. Press ‘ALT-TAB’ to go back to the game.

NOTE. Some Core i7 CPU chips, Display 8 boxes instead of 4, under the processes Tab. These are actually Threads. Each of the four cores can process up to two threads simultaneously, so the processor appears to the OS as ‘eight’ CPUs. So that’s why I told you to Unckeck 6 boxes. OR, you can turn ‘Hyper-threading’ to OFF in the BIOS, and uncheck only 2 boxes. (thanks KingDanielO for this)

4. Simply try lowering the visual settings until the gaming experience is enjoyable enough…

Hopefully these fixes will help you solve all your Splinter Cell: Conviction problems. If you have other questions or maybe solutions, don’t hesitate to post in the comment section below!