I’m sure that the title sounds really nice and also unbelievable – can you really play Call of Duty 6 for free? Yes, you can, but there’s a catch: we’re not talking about Activision’s game, but a 2D title inspired by the series and created with the help of the Gamemaker engine. Still, don’t get too disappointed – it’s completely free of charge and really fun!

Of course, Call of Duty 6 2D is far from the visual greatness of the latest CoD game, but its simple WASD controls and really funny concept make it a must try title no matter if you loved or not Call of Duty.

Here are the complete details of the game: Call of Duty 6 2D has a campaign including 6 levels, 6 Weapons, 4 vehicles and 8 tracks from the game, and sounds! Add to that the fact that the game was met with incredibly positive reviews by the indie fans, and you’ll have some extra reasons to download for free the game and at least give it a try.

So head over to YoYo Games and grab your copy of Call of Duty 6 2D! Have fun!