sleeping dogWith Sleeping Dogs released, I am sure you want to get the most out of your game. But not everybody is lucky when it comes to achieving this as Sleeping Dogs crashes, freezes or other problems might hinder the game experience and make the game unplayable. However, since Sleeping Dogs is such a great game, you shouldn’t lose hope and you should try some of the crash fixes and other tips and tricks for fixing the game that I have to share with you below.

First of all, and most important, is to make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run Sleeping Dogs. If it doesn’t, you have the reason why your game crashes! But if you meet the sys reqs, here is what you can try to fix the crashes and freezes in Sleeping Dogs:

Ways to Fix Sleeping Dogs Crashes

1. If the game crashes to the desktop randomly and there is no error message, or if the game lags badly, you should try to lower the graphic settings, restart your computer and play the game again.

2. If Sleeping Dogs keeps crashing, you should try to update your graphic card drivers to the latest version. If this still doesn’t fix your problems, you should try to downgrade them to the previous version – sometime this, strangely, works.

3. Try disabling antivirus software while running Sleeping Dogs.

4. Some crashes are related to various things being plugged in: like controllers or wireless devices. So try to remove all the wireless devices or game controllers that you might have plugged in and see if the problems disappear.

5. If you can’t get Sleeping Dogs to start, make sure you verify the game’s cache in Steam. On the other hand, if you get corrupt files when you try to launch the game, just restart Steam and it will automatically re-download the corrupted files.

6. Sleeping Dogs World Disappears after changing graphic settings
This strange bug can be fixed by restarting the game. If this still doesn’t fix the problem (although it rarely happens), you must go back to the graphic settings that you used and wait for a fix from Ubisoft.

And these are, right now, all the tips and tricks that I can share with you to fix Sleeping Dogs crashes, freezes and other errors. I will try to find more advice to share, but if you have any problems or, even better, some fixes for the game’s problems, don’t hesitate to comment below.