avp2The anticipated release of Aliens vs. Predator – the rebirth of the series came without notable problems. However, some of the users are complaining that the game pauses or starts stuttering at certain stages, while others are upset that the game crashes or freezes completely. Below I’m trying to share a few user-tested solutions to fix the Aliens vs. Predator smatterings, pausing and freezing.

First of all, before trying any of the suggested fixes below, make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements and that your drivers are updated. If everything is OK with your computer, here is what could help:

For the Aliens vs Predator stuttering and pauses there are just two things you can do: either play the game in offline mode, or play it in windowed mode. This should fix your problem!

If the game crashes or freezes while loading or playing, here’s what you should do to make it work:

– switch back to DirectX 9 if you’re using DX10 (a trick that worked with BioShock 2, as well)
– download the Ati Catalyst 9.12 Driver if you have an ATI card
– for Nvidia based systems, try setting the pre render frames to 0 in the Nvidia control panel.

I hope these solutions help you fix the Aliens vs Predator problems!



  1. I had stuttering really bad on this game and I read on another forum that the game will use system memory if your video memory is not enough to support the texture setting that you choose. I was running textures with “very high” setting and that made sense because I would see the usage of this game up to the full 2GB of Ram that I had. I changed textures to normal and I also setup my nvidia control panel AVP profile to Max Frames Ahead from 3 to 1. Now the game runs like a dream and the texture difference is negligible….I can hardly tell Normal from Very High. Oh, I also disabled PhysX but I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it, but I’m done testing for tonight. I’m completely happy with the results.

    Windows XP Pro SP3 (DirectX 9)
    AMD64 4400 X2 overclocked to 2500MHZ
    2GB PC3200 OCZ
    GTX 275 Twin Frozr 896MB
    Creative SB X-Fi Titanium


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