Crafting is very important in Monkey Quest, especially if you plan to make your own equipment (like things you wear or potions to consume in the game) and even more important, without spending your bananas. Therefore, we can all agree that crafting is a really nice addition to the game and I am here to share with you all the details about crafting in this guide and teach you how to craft.

In order to start crafting an item or a potion, you will need firs the required ingredients and the required recipe for it. You can get these recipes and ingredients by completing quests in Monkey Quest and interacting with characters. Also, ingredients can also be bought or found in Treasure chests or dropped after battling monsters.

There are two types of crafting in Monkey Quest: Tailoring and Alchemy and I will share a few words and details about each.

Tailoring in Monkey Quest
As the name suggests, this crafting option will help you craft items that you wear, backpacks and so on. The good thing here is that all the items that you craft will increase your stats, depending on the recipes and the crafted item. Also, these tailoring items that you craft can’t be found in a store, so we can say that indeed are pretty hard to get. There are many categories of crafting items in Tailoring: body items, Leg items, Tail Items, Wrist items, Upper Face items, Lower Face, Head, Hair items and Backpack items. Whew!

Alchemy in Monkey Quest
In other words, the crafting of potions in the game. These potions will heal you or increase your stats/ attributes for a limited time, but offer some really good advantages and should never be ignored. As long as you have the ingredients, you should make sure to craft these potions alongside Slings and Glyphs.

And this is the guide to crafting in Monkey Island, I hope it helped you understand more about it!