Since spring is here, the developers of MapleStory decided to launch a series of special seasonal events and one of the biggest features to be introduced is the the new Dungeon System – Monster Park. I am sure you are curious to find out more about the Monster Park in MapleStory, so read on for the guide!

Probably the biggest question on everyone’s lips is how to get to Monster Park? Well, it is not easy because you need a special ticket to enter and you can find one around the MapleWorld. Once found, the entry ticket can be redeemed by visiting one of the Help locations based throughout the in-game cities.

After getting inside the Monster Park, a ton of new adventures (and predators) are awaiting, with instances starting from level 13, all ending with an unique Boss fight! Even better, along the way you will be able to collect coins and trade them for epic equipment, so if you’re playing MapleStory, you certainly want to make sure that you get inside the Monster Park ASAP!

Except for the Monster Park, the new MapleStory update delivers a skill revamp for the PvP system (including the addition of brand new skills). Also, three major events are being launched: the Spring Picnic Event that will provide a chance to dress up in brand new character costumes, the Tourist Event, where players will be rewarded with Stats-Bonuses and an Event-Title and finally the Happy Maple Day event when all Maplers will receive XP buffs every Saturday.