The release of the Royal Crest missions in CastleVille was followed, of course, by the option for us to design our own crest banners in the game and the options are almost endless so everybody will certainly have a truly unique banner in the end. I am here to share with you all the details about crafting the crest banners – including requirements and tips, so read on and prepare to be amazed!

Crest Banners are a great way to display your Royal Crest throughout your Kingdom and increase your Castle level while you do it. These can be crafted in the Studio and either placed in your Kingdom, or added to most of your Royal Buildings. Remember that Crest Banners that are placed in your Kingdom are limited by your Royal Decoration limit (which, by the way, has been raised for us all!)

In order to start the customization process of your Royal Crest Banner, all you have to do is to click the new banner icon that has appeared near the name of your kingdom. A new menu will appear and from there you can work your magic.

But just creating the design of your royal crest banner is not enough – you will have to craft them, and there are item requirements for each type of banner (we have regular Crest Banners, Large ones and Fancy ones). Below you can see the requirements for each – and they don’t change based on the design you choose:

Each time you complete another set of Keeper’s Tasks, you’ll gain access to a better Griffin Statue that increases your Castle level! With this you’ll also receive more symbols and colors for customizing the ultimate Royal Crest that represents your Kingdom. To get started, just click on your Griffin and then on the Go To Quest button to continue working the GEEZER quests.

A really nice feature, as you can see and I am sure you will totally love it. Am I right or not?