Necrovision is a pretty impressive first person shooter game set during the World War One and developed by 1C Company. I had no idea this game existed and, if it wasn’t for the most recent trailer released to promote the game, probably I would have never known about it, either. And it appears that I would’ve missed a quality game.

Blending historical accuracy with public’s favorite horror themes, Necrovision puts you in the old boots of Simon Bukner, a soldier that soon finds out that the Germans are hiding some very terrible secrets: to be more specific, these secrets mean “dead soldiers rising from the games, hungry for human flesh”. A bit of a cliché this “Germans created Frankensteins”, but since it’s just a great looking game, we’ll accept it.

The Necrovision trailer you can see below presents us just a bit of the thrills we should expect from the game: one that will be filled with blood and gore and everything in between. The visuals seem to be impressive and the atmosphere sounds perfect for a WWI horror game. Cool!