fight-night-round4I am as excited as you are about the upcoming release of Electronic Arts’ Fight Night Round 4, especially since it is expected that we’ll see the best in the boxing world in action within the virtual ring: over 40 boxers and as many legends. However, some will normally be left out while others will come in – what are the names, though, you might ask yourself, since there are so many rumors out there that you no longer know what to believe.

Well, we have here the full Fight Night Round 4 roster as announced by Electronic Arts – so it’s the official one. It is, however, not the final one, but it clearly offers a great deal of quality. Check out the official Fight Night Round 4 Roster below:

Heavyweight Boxers
Lennox Lewis
Mike Tyson
George Foreman
Joe Fraizer
Tommy Morrison
Eddie Chambers
James Toney

Light Heavyweight Boxers
Bernard Hopkins
Roy Jones Jr
Jermain Taylor

Middleweight Boxers
Sergio Mora
Tommy Hearns
Winky Wright
Kelly Pavlik
Ray Leonard

Welterweight Boxers
Shane Mosley
Ricky Hatton

Lightweight Boxers
Manny Pacqauio
Arturo Gatti
Vinny Pazienza