The Grand Canyon has been released in CityVille today and it is indeed a very amazing structure that we are talking about! I am here to share with you all the details for this amazing new tourist attraction in CityVille and, of course, the mission that comes with its release.

And we will start this guide with the details about the CityVille Grand Canyon mission, Yes We Can. The requirements are pretty easy to complete:

– Place and finish the Grand Canyon
– Collect 5 Passenger Planes
– Collect 8 Cruise Ships
Rewards: 5 energy and 50,000 coins

When it comes to building the Grand Canyon itself, it will be a pretty easy job since all you have to do is to collect some building pieces: 8 of each to be precise, so if you have active friends and if you are at least level 35 to receive the mission, I am sure you will have no problem building the amazing Grand Canyon in CityVille.