hellgateBefore going completely crazy and considering this news old or plain stupid, let me tell you one thing: Hellgate: London is still alive, listening to Godsmack and entertaining Koreans. Because that’s the country in which the action RPG still exists thanks to Hanbitsoft, who are doing their best to keep it up and running and better than ever.

Therefore, the company has released the Hellgate London patch 1.5 which includes Mode Merger, Achievement Reward System, Instance Swtiching and Item Linking. The mode merger merges normal and Elite mode so all players will end up playing together but Elite players will keep their ‘Elite’ mark and also be granted special titles. The achievement rewards system, as the name suggests, rewards players with achievements, instance switching allows for an easier and better match-up, while intem linking makes trading easier by allowing the display of items in chat windows.

However, unless you’re in Korea right now, you will only see this update on news websites or videos on YouTube or wherever. Anyway, Hellgate London wasn’t really the best, nor the most successful MMORPG, so I doubt many of you will mind.