hellgateBefore going completely crazy and considering this news old or plain stupid, let me tell you one thing: Hellgate: London is still alive, listening to Godsmack and entertaining Koreans. Because that’s the country in which the action RPG still exists thanks to Hanbitsoft, who are doing their best to keep it up and running and better than ever.

Therefore, the company has released the Hellgate London patch 1.5 which includes Mode Merger, Achievement Reward System, Instance Swtiching and Item Linking. The mode merger merges normal and Elite mode so all players will end up playing together but Elite players will keep their ‘Elite’ mark and also be granted special titles. The achievement rewards system, as the name suggests, rewards players with achievements, instance switching allows for an easier and better match-up, while intem linking makes trading easier by allowing the display of items in chat windows.

However, unless you’re in Korea right now, you will only see this update on news websites or videos on YouTube or wherever. Anyway, Hellgate London wasn’t really the best, nor the most successful MMORPG, so I doubt many of you will mind.


  1. Hellgate London

    ” wasn’t really the best, nor the most successful MMORPG ”

    I have to say, that I did like it, as it did show me, a 100% FPS player,
    that the world of games is bigger then FPS games !
    ( FPS – first person shooter )

    I did end buying the game, “Dont know why really”
    but this game did show me that I want more games like Hellgate London !!!

    ( more rpg where I can play in first person view with my guns !!! :)
    even I did endup as a

    So even the game was not the best, and a bit, “Have I not played this map before ”
    It was like a wakeup call, ” the world of games has more for you ”

    I have never even wanted to come close to rpg games because of the
    3. person view or bird view !, but now, wow rpg is cool games !

    So even Hellgate London wasn’t really the best, nor the most successful MMORPG

    I can only say, I WANT MORE !!!

    I did buy nwn2 but … but .. but . I did throw the game out … ups .|.
    ( if you know any game that can replace hgl Im here ! :)

  2. I would strongly recommend Fallout 3 which is exactly a “FPS RPG with guns” – a really, really quality one, too with tons of action. We awarded the game with the “Game of the year” award here at Unigamesity, so it’s really high quality.

    Also, Bethesda, the makers of this game, are also responsible for the Elder Scrolls franchise, and you could give it a try – The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, to be precise.

    Also, even though it is in third person, I would recommend Gothic II – it is indeed pretty “old” and te visuals are certainly outdated, but I loved playing it – and it probably is quite cheap at the moment.

    And don’t forget to come back and let me know if you enjoyed any of these recommendations!

  3. hi, thanks.

    Ya, thought about Fallout 3, but it has no mp, multiplayer …so … :(

    I never thought I would avoid a game just because it had no mp,
    but after 10 years with games that had mp, I did try BioShock, and
    it had no mp, and somehave the game did feel amputated … | …
    I did quite the game .|.and did go play some cod4 doh !
    ( Unreal Tournament goty did ruin me :)

    I have “Elder Scrolls III – morrowind goty”
    maybe I will try Oblivion

    I have tried Gothic II, but the camera view was …

    This was why I did like HGL so much, it had it all for us FPS, even I did hope a improved and better
    version would come asap !
    ( I did enjoy the email and the send items to players and guild very much ! )

    I read game reviews but offen find my self looking for the information
    is it a 3. or 1. person or both and now since you can not expect mp in a game anymore
    I need to check the game for that too
    ( I only play on pc – )

    In my world it is like, why do not all games have the option for 3. – 1. person view
    or even bird view ?! let the players set there own camera view !
    ( yes not all games work well in 1. person, but let the players about that ! )


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