Finally, a global promotion from Zynga, one that is related to the movie MegaMind (that will hit theaters pretty soon, in 3D!). Learn what you must do in order to get the two special items Mega Mind is offering in FarmVille in the first (of many, hopefully) global partnership in FarmVille!

Starting today, November 4th (and today only), there will be a new neighbor for everybody in FarmVille: Megamind‘s farm, the Mega-Farm. The “Mega-Farm” will feature a unique experience using branded content from DreamWorks Animation’s film, including one of Megamind’s most brilliant contraptions. Two special items will be available to those who visit Megamind’s farm, a special “Mega-Grow” formula which helps players to instantly grow crops without wilting and a collectable decorative item for players to feature in their very own farms.

So if you want to get a boost when it comes to growing crops in FarmVille, as well as a cool new decoration (the Airhog decoration), all you have to do is visit MegaMind’s Mega-Farm in FarmVille today and earn the bonuses. Remember: the offer is only available today, so make sure you take advantage of it as soon as possible!

Visiting MegaMind’s farm is itself an award, especially when you get to see the Hot Air Balloon that reads: “No You Can’t” Hilarious!