onimushaCapcom is teasing a new game announcement and they’re playing a “guess the game” with us, and they’re playing it on Twitter. Here are the fact we know, after following their updates:

– Capcom fact # 1: It’s NOT Devil May Cry 5
– Capcom fact # 2: It’s an action game
– Capcom fact # 3: It’s from an established Capcom franchise
– Capcom fact # 4: It’s not a remake
– Capcom fact # 5: It’s being developed by Capcom Japan

Now what could it be? If it’s not DMC 5 (I thank God for that!), the only possible answer is a new Onimusha game, which is almost as bad. However, I do remember liking the Onimusha series a bit more than the Devil May cry one, so I would be pleased to hear that it is indeed Onimusha. Hopefully with improvements, and not only from a graphical point of view.

What do you think? Will Capcom’s title indeed be a new Onimusha game? If so, will it be released on PCs, as well? Many questions, indeed.


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