I goes it’s pretty obvious that we have some massive spoilers here since we’re talking about the Grand Theft Auto 5 endings, so make sure you really want to do this. If you do, from whatever reasons – starting from the fact that you’re just too lazy to complete the game all the way to “I’m just curious to see all the GTA 5 endings,” we have them here for you: three Grand Theft Auto V endings, plus a guide on how to get the best ending in the game!

#1 Ending: “Something Sensible”
In this ending, Franklin agrees to eliminate Trevor. Ending starts at minute 3:30

#2 Ending: “The Time’s Come”
In this ending, Franklin agrees to eliminate Michael. Ending starts at minute 9:12

#3 Ending: “The Third Way”
Franklin, Michael and Trevor go fighting both FIB’s strike team and Devin’s troops. Nice and surely the best ending! (the first ending)

So here are the first two endings, plus the best ending in GTA 5 (which is actually the first one you will see):

How to get the best ending (ending 3) in Grand Theft Auto 5:

This is obviously really difficult, but doable. In order to get this ending, you need to complete the following challenges in The Third Way:

– Complete the mission in less than 21:30 minutes
– Kill at least 20 enemies with a headshot
– Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70% (so this is why it’s good to improve your shooting skills during the game!
– Kill Cheng with a Sticky Bomb
– Kill Steve Haines with a headshot
– Kill Stretch with a melee attack

Very difficult indeed, but if you want the best possible ending in the game, you should do your best to meet all these requirements. Good luck and let us know if you manage to pull it off to get the best ending the Grand Theft Auto 5!