syberia-trylogyMany claim that the classic point and click adventure genre is dead, but I am one of those who consider that it still is popular amongst some gamers and can still deliver great and fun puzzle solving hours of gameplay. Apparently, that’s exactly what Iceberg Interactive believe – the new publishing company has decided to offer us a couple of adventure trilogies at special prices, just in time for Christmas!

The first and really must own box set is the Syberia Collection consisting of the first two Syberia games as well as Amerzone, Benoit Sokal’s award winning first adventure game (and for those who were wondering – yes, Sokal is the designer of Syberia, too!).

The second box set special edition collection is the Dracula Trilogy, a collection of adventure games that pits you against the most notorious Transylvanian blood-sucker in history, with all 3 games of the acclaimed Dracula adventure series.

Both collections can be purchased for €19.99 from the official Iceberg Interactive shop and the company is certainly proving that they have big plans within the world of computer games.