sims3As a hardcore PC gamer, I find it really sad when both developers and retailers are showing a huge lack of interest to the world of PC games. Yes, I know, there are tons of problems, other platforms generate more income, but I would’ve still loved at least for Black Friday a few more solid deals from the biggest virtual store of the planet: Amazon.

But not – there are just two (yes, 2!) computer games that are available as part of Amazon’s Black Friday Video Games Deals:

The Sims 3, shipping at $37.95 and
The Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack, available for $28.99

So technically, some might even say that’s just one game, and not more. And that’s sad, compared to the 14 PS3 titles, 16 Xbox 360 Black Friday deals and 24 Wii super deals. But I think that we should at least be satisfied that there are any deals at all and concentrate on what is to come in the computer gaming world: social games, casual games, free flash games and less and less full budget, fully supported titles. That’s life!