Ever since I’ve played Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse I’ve rediscovered my lost love for adventure and hidden object games and I realized just how well these games battle stress after a tough day at work. Nora Roberts Vision in White is such a title even though it seems a bit more of a game for ladies rather than one for men. Still, I liked playing it, so it works for both genders!

Nora Roberts Vision in White is, as I suggested already, a casual, hidden object game, and here’s what the developers say about it:

“When a casual fling turns steamy for a brilliant wedding photographer, life remains less than picture perfect. Relying on girlfriends to cope with the reality of her past, will Mackensie capture the romance, or will her narcissistic mother and fear of commitment be the prophetic snapshot of her future? Take part in Nora Roberts’ best-selling novel in Nora Roberts Vision in White, a fun Hidden Object game.”

And fun it is! There are tons of locations to visit and collect items from, there are cool minigames, including ones in which you’ll have to build amazing wedding cakes and there’s that bit of romance everybody needs every now and then – also the reason why I say that probably Nora Roberts Vision in White will be appreciated more by the girls.

But you can give it a try anyway – via its FREE demo – and decide if you should purchase the full version for as low as $6.99! Click here to visit the game’s page and have fun!


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