infantry-onlineIf you feel like playing a quick and intense MMO that doesn’t require a super-powerful computer or a download that lasts for years, then it is Infantry Online you want to play, a tactical MMO that features huge scale battles and just enough RPG elements to keep you asking for more.

Although not the most beautiful game ever created, Infantry Online comes with some really low system requirements (Pentium 200 computer, 32 MB RAM, 56kbps modem or higher, 4 MB+ video card – and these are the RECOMMENDED requirements!) but, as I said, intense gameplay. Here’s what the developers have to say about this little game:

“Team with gamers from around the world in this adrenaline-pumping collection of online combat games. It’s all-out frenetic action in the world of Infantry where battles featuring up to 100+ wage throughout the day. Easy to play and simple to get into, Infantry offers a quick blend of tactics and action unlike any other massively multiplayer online game.”

With classic and new game types like Capture the Flag, Bug Hunt, Ambush or Mechanized Skirmish, Infantry Online promises to have everything for a gamer that doesn’t have ages to spend online. Or one that wishes to take a break from the bigger, more complex and better looking MMOs. Because, after all, indie games might be the future!

Before heading to the official website of Infantry Online and giving the game a try, you can check out a Infantry Online gameplay video below: