Free-Realms-ChristmasupdateSony decided to offer their Free Realms players a gift just in time for Christmas: a massive update for the free to play social MMO. There are tons of goodies everybody asked for since like forever: new great pets, free houses for everybody plus much more you can read about below.

First of all, the biggest feature brought by the Christmas Free Realms update is the introduction of player housing: non-paying players of the MMO will receive for free a one bedroom apartment, while those who pay will receive the 2-bedroom apartment, plus the option to buy a 3 bedroom condo from the marketplace.

Next, there will be a bunch of new pets available for the Free Realms players, like the small and cute dinosaurs you can see in the images below, but also other mythical and charming creatures, like unicorns!

There’s also a new fishing minigame introduced and a brand new event, the Snow Days event which celebrates the greatest holiday of the year, Christmas. Expect to receive candies, all sorts of sweets and presents and, of course, snow.

So yes, we can say that Free Realms is the place to be right now!