falloutmmo-conceptartGreat news for the fans of the Fallout franchise: an US District Court judge denied Bethesda’s motion for a preliminary injunction against Interplay, meaning that the developer can continue their work on the Fallout MMO as well as sell games from the Fallout Trilogy.

The reasons behind the Court’s decision have not been made public. Gamasutra reports:

“It also means that Interplay can continue to work on the Fallout MMO, a work-in-progress dubbed Project V13 that can exist because of a licensing deal that Bethesda struck with Interplay. Bethesda bought the Fallout property from Interplay in 2007 for $5.75 million.”

Following this great news for Interplay, the company apparently released a new bit of Artwork from the upcoming Fallout MMO game (officially known as Project V13) and you can admire it by clicking on the image in the upper left corner. It doesn’t give us anything new at all, but at least it’s Fallout and I guess that’s enough to get us all excited!