Now that all the unintended problems regarding LittleBigPlanet have been solved (yes, I’m talking about the track that delayed the game), Sony plans to get everything going as it should and, in order to make fans forget (or at least forgive) the whole thing, they’re putting up some freebies up for grabs.

We’re talking about some exclusive LittleBigPlanet costumes Sony is offering as a free download for a short period of time: the “Launch” Space Suit and Halloween Mask. You can admire the two costumes in the image in the upper left corner and, after you do so, be sure to check the PlayStation Store, since they will only be available for download from November 6 to November 19.

But that’s not all! If you remember the LittleBigChallenge 003 (where fans were able to send in their own SackBoy costume ideas), we have some good news about it: after the winners are selected, the costumes will be released for free, too. And Sony promise to offer this kind of treats on a regular basis! Isn’t that great?