Somebody must’ve been knocking at EA’s door and saying the magic words (“Trick or treat!”) since the giants have decided to offer some freebies to their Battlefield: Bad Company customers. We’re talking about the Community Choice Map Pack which is offered for free to PS3 owners starting today and Xbox owners starting tomorrow.

This Battlefield: Bad Company map pack is a very special one, since it not only brings four free maps for you to enjoy, but it also brings some gameplay enhancements and PlayStation 3 Trophy support! Wonderful!

The four maps available in this pack are already well known, as they come from the single player levels and, even more, two of them were chosen by the public (Par for the Course and Acta Non Verba). The other two maps that now allow multiplayer play and are offered for free are Ghost Town and Crossing Over (these were chosen by the developers). So, if you haven’t done so, I suggest turning your PS3 on and start downloading. There are goodies in the PSN for you!