Perfect World Entertainment released today the Dysil’s Wrath expansion pack for Forsaken World, a fantasy 3D MMORPG. This expansion includes major changes in the PvP system with the introduction of a new arena season and cross-server PvP. Forsaken World has received further content overall as well, players can now find new quests, dungeons, enemies and items.

Perfect World Entertainment Senior Product Manager, Mark Hill.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to release this latest expansion to our players. Players in Forsaken World are going to find a lot of awesome new changes in this expansion. New raid bosses, new gear, and guild building is just some of the great new content we’re adding; and for the first time players will be able to compete in cross-server PvP, which radically changes the competitive PvP experience. It’s our goal to deliver exciting and engaging content to our players, with that in mind this is just another step in adding to and expanding the Forsaken World universe.

This expansion is dedicated to the Storm Lord, Dysil, who should be the new ruler of Eryda, instead he was assassinated by his own wife and now Dysil assumes the form of a horrific dragon, “covered in rippling muscles with huge demon wings jutting from his back.” With his horde of dragons he seeks revenge and the destruction of Eryda.