fm2010I must admit that I was getting a bit worries that this year Sports Interactive might not release a new Football Manager game and focus on Football Manager Live, but it seems that I was (fortunately) wrong since SI and Sega have just announced Football Manager 2010, plus its release date: October 30. So mark that day in your calendars since it’s going to be a great day for all football management fans!

As expected, the new version of the game will feature new goodies, including “big additions” that will improve usability and navigation. Also, the feedback from the game will be much improved with the introduction of the much asked for match tactics system (a brand new one) plus the debut of a Match Analysis tool.

Some features we’ve seen in FM’s competitors will also be introduced in Football Manager 2010: touchline “shouts” as well as the possibility of quickly changing the tactics with the press of a button. Also, we will be allowed to select our players’ roles in the team and turn them into “machines” like “ Ball winning midfielder” or ”Deep lying playmaker” which should have indeed a great impact on the game and the number of possible tactical approaches!

As expected, the 3D match engine in Football Manager 2010 will also be improved, coming with improved AI (thank God for that!), over 100 brand new animations, new stadiums, crowds, realistic pitch degradation and better lighting – so that our experience will indeed be unique.

As you probably know from the past releases of the Football Manager games, new information is expected to hit the internet over the next months, so stay tuned for the latest details about this highly anticipated game from Sports Interactive!