Another good day for the flash game lovers! Not only that we have already awarded the best free flash game of the day and kicked off a new feature, the Daily Escape, but there are still four titles left for the flash links, meaning that if it’s flash games you want, that’s exactly what you’re getting. And if you’re specifically fond by platformers, then this is your lucky day since two games here are “run and jump” games! There’s also a side scrolling title for you to try and a really intense, top notch shmup! So check out today’s top free flash games below!

castle-quest1. Castle Quest: Fighting mummies and other creatures of the dark, you have to keep on going and gain experience (which can be spent on a pretty well thought skill advancement system), improve your abilities and ultimately save the princess. So storm the haunted castle on your quest to free the Princess from her hourglass prison – or in other words, click here to play!

donkey2. Time Donkey: this is a really cool game based on the Unity player, a 3D platformer that puts you in the shoes of a poor donkey who becomes “trapped in the very fabric of time itself, doomed to relive the same 30 seconds again and again.” While collecting tacos and destroying fences and other obstacles, you’ll also get the chance to play a bit with time and send “shadows” of your own to help you progress. And yes, it really is as fun as it sounds – just click here to see for yourself!

frantic23. Frantic 2: sequel to another popular shmup, Frantic 2 is a very well done, incredibly intense little game that tests your skills and reactions while rewarding you with some really high quality time. Everything in your browser, completely free of charge! There are loads of upgradables and unlckable goodies, no less than 30 unique bosses to blast away and difficulty modes. A really must play, especially if you’re a fan of the genre. Play here.

gambit4. Waker: finally, the last game recommended today is a really fun yet strange one that puts you in the shoes of a cat-like creature that has just one goal in life: to re-create the roads used by dreamers to return to their daily lives. Never thought about the process like that, but now after playing Waker, I will certainly will. Add to that just a tiny bit of educational purposes and you have a hell of a game. See for yourself by following this link.

And this concludes yet another flash links feature, I do hope you enjoy each and every of these cool flash games! Have fun!