daily-special-giftsAfter quite long while without updates, Zynga brought us a really nice gift in FishVille: daily special gifts! Today we’re having the chance to send our friends a purple mystery box and a green rock that looks like a crystal ball. But we all know that it’s the mystery box we’d love to receive in FishVille!

Although information at the moment is almost nonexistent regarding these daily special gifts in FishVille, I saw on the forums that one user got an extra sand dollar out of the mystery box. Also, judging from the picture coming with the gift, we could expect to also get extra experience points upon accepting the gift, as well as extra money.

The other daily special gifts is just a decorative item – one that might or might not return in the future, so if you’re up for collectibles, you should make sure your friends send you at least one.

Tomorrow should bring us new daily special gifts, and that should happen on a daily basis – a pretty big quest for Zynga if it is original gifts each time. However, I am sure we can all be pleased with this addition, right? Let’s hope that more mystery boxes will come, since for now they seem to be the most appealing! And, of course, let’s hope that we have enough FishVille neighbors to send them to us!