fishville-neighborsJust like most of the online games available on Facebook, FishVille is one that gives you the chance to add your friends as neighbors and take advantage of extra goodies offered by them: gifts, experience, coins and, not in the last case – socializing! So if you were wondering how to get more FishVille neighbors without spamming others, I’m giving you the answer!

First of all, remember to send all your Facebook friends an invite to be your FishVille neighbor by clicking the “My Neighbors” link and selecting them and sending the invite. But you probably did that already and you still don’t have enough neighbors. And they are vital now, especially after Zynga just introduced the daily special FishVille gifts!

Therefore, I am giving you the chance to add more neighbors by using the comment section below: simply post the link to your Facebook homepage (log in to your Facebook account, click on your name in the upper tab and copy that link here).

So simply add that link as a comment, say that you wish to receive more FishVille neighbors and make sure to accept the friend requests that will follow! This way you will make sure that you will have active friends to visit for extra experience and coins, and to receive awesome gifts from.

Also, if you decide that you have enough FishVille friends, simply return to this page and post a comment stating that you no longer wish to receive neighbor/friend invitations and I will remove the link to your profile. It’s easy!

Have fun now, with a bunch of new, extra FishVille neighbors!