fishville-renameGreat news, fellow virtual aquarium owners in FishVille! Starting today, not only that we can receive awesome daily special gifts from our neighbors, but we can also rename our fish and name the new ones! Therefore, the level of interaction with the fish in our tanks grows, and the same goes for the emotional value the game offers – I know my level 21 blue spot cardinal (smartly named Ol’ McRed now) will always be there, in my heart!

But back to today’s feature: how can you name your fish in FishVille?

There are two possible ways of doing so: first, and most common one is when you purchase the seed. You will be asked to type there a name, and the next fish you will buy will have that name. Have in mind, however, that if you go for a multiple purchase and place more seeds, the name won’t remain for all the new fish.

Also, if you have older fish that don’t have a name already, simply click on them and select the “Rename” option, as seen in the image (click to enlarge it and see better the Unigamesity Angel!).

Also, an extra super feature is when it comes to selling your fish: when you click to sell a fish whose level is higher than level 4, you will be asked if you are sure you wish to sell it. This is an amazing feature for those who, just like me, have a few preferred fish and they’ll never sell them – at least not by accident anymore!

So now that you can name and rename your fish in FishVille, I see no reason for you not to add some extra neighbors and fully experience the game! Have fun!