Zynga has started to test the crafting buildings on FarmVille, specifically the Perfumery, Winery, Bakery & Fuel Workshop which are all part of the buildings with purpose in the game and proof of the title’s continued upgrading.

For now, nobody can purchase these buildings, but a lucky few members already have them displayed in the marketplace with a price tag of 1 million coins. Reportedly, Zynga is testing to see how many times the people will click the “Buy” button and based on that they’ll decide if they should up or down the price a bit. So, as a word of advice if you want the crafting buildings cheap: do not click the Buy button yet, especially since until today, April 26, nobody is allowed to actually buy the buildings.

Either way, the prices are of 1 million coins right now and give players 10,000 experience for the purchase, plus 50,000 coins in return if you decide to resell any of the crafting buildings. Here are the first four and what they produce:

Perfumery – makes perfume
Winery – makes wine
Bakery – makes pastries
Fuel Workshop – makes fuel

Stay tuned for more details about these buildings as soon as they’re released!