Have you collected at least ten Parisian Maps in Mafia Wars? If you do then you can do the Challenge Mission: Paris. Unlike other cities in Mafia Wars, this is available for a limited time only. Chapter 1: Procure De France has just begun and from the looks of things, you’ll need lots of Parisian Maps to complete it.

Another thing that makes Paris different from other cities is the Heat Meter. Each time you do a Paris job, your heat increases. Jobs will be tougher to complete, with more energy and Parisian Maps required for the jobs.

When your heat goes up, you need to lay low for a few hours to cool it down. The heat meter resets every eight hours, so take your time, especially since the Chapter 2 of the Challenge Mission unlockes in eight days. That means you got eight days to complete Chapter 1 and get as many Parisian Maps as possible (here is a Parisian Map guide!)

Also, unlike any other cities, jobs in Paris don’t drop any loot but that doesn’t mean you should not do it. Because each chapter you manage to complete will give you a special edition loot item, such as:

French Kiss (weapon, 75 att, 45 Def)

The Fixer (30 Att, 56 Def)

Davinci q415 (vehicle, 63 Att, 103 Def)

So doing the limited time Paris Chapters is certainly worth your time, especially since there’s a final surprise: the Mona Lisa (unknown stats yet). Are in in Mafia Wars’ Paris already?