Pet Society has been updated with new mysterious items for the Purple and Gold Boxes. A Purple Mystery Box can contain Letter Cubes. Expensive Gold Boxes can contain Pink Fairy Dress and a Brown Teddy Plushie.

Hideeni becomes an astronaut after the maintenance and he’s giving out twelve new space-theme gifts for those who find him. Among his free gifts are Ursa Major and Small Asteroids that you can use to decorate your rooms.

These are not just the free gifts you could get in Pet Society. Keep an eye on the left side of the screen for free gifts icon and you can get a Cream Teddy Plushie or a Pastry Headband!

Additional fishes can be caught in the pond right after the maintenance. These include a Neon Tetra Jumbo, Orange Seashell. Cypraea Englerti, and a White Anemone.

Friends can help build things together with collaborative items. Each day you can ask your friends to help you with an item and once a certain number of friends click on your wall post, you’ll receive it. Friends who helped you are rewarded with coins. At present you can build a Totem Pole or a Pink Tepee.