It looks like Mafia Wars feeds are not showing up in our walls again. Good thing there’s this new Facebook app called Big Raj Poster that can do it for you.

Big Raj lets you repost links to the following:

  • Help in My War
  • Wish List
  • Hitlist Target
  • Join My Mafia
  • Promote Me
  • Help with My Laundry
  • Upgrade Chop Shop (ask for more Cement Blocks, Acetylene Torches, Car Lifts, Power Tools, or Shipping Containers)
  • Upgrade Weapons Depot (ask for Forges, Arc Welders, Buzzsaws, Gunpowder, or Gun Drills)
  • Help with Jobs (NY, Cuba, Moscow or Bangkok)

Mafia Wars players should thank developer Keith Rajala, a certified web geek who spends a lot of time playing MW. Some attest that Big Raj Poster is the best thing since Mafia Wars. My own tests show that it works very, very well. The chop shop items arrived.

Before using Raj Big Poster to re-post jobs helps, you should first click on the job help within Mafia Wars. Once activated, links from the Raj Big Poster should work 100 percent. You’ll see an inverted Mafia Wars icon with every Big Raj Poster post.

To find out more about this third party app, and to be able to post Mafia Wars feeds again, follow the link and go to: Big Raj Poster