When your level is something-over-25 and you have tons of items and decorations on your FarmVille farm, changing the design is quite a pain that consumes all your free time. Actually, it WAS quite a pain since Zynga released two new tools: the Recycle and Move tools that make it easier to both change the looks of your farm and also sell the unwanted items with fewer clicks!

So how to use the new tools in FarmVille? It’s quite easy: simply hover your mouse over the multi tool (the white arrow) and a new menu will appear – the recycle and move tools are there instead of the Seeder and Harvester.

Selecting the Move Tool (hand shape) will allow you to move any object on your farm by just clicking and dragging it to the desired location. You can also rotate items after clicking them by using the Space Bar on your keyboard. Please note that for now only the items that could’ve been rotated in the past can be rotated.

The Recycle Tool makes selling or removing stuff from your farm a lot easier – simply select the tool and click an object on your farm and a new pop-up will appear, asking if yow really want to sell or delete the item. You also have a few options: click the Accept button and sell the item directly, then confirm for the next one and so on; select the “Turn on Quick Delete” option and sell or delete any items that cost less than 1,000 coins and are not limited edition items; or finally select the “Don’t warn me” option and sell and remove everything you click on until you switch tools.

Two really useful and much anticipated features in FarmVille. What do you think about them? Easy to use or not?