A new mystery bag has been released by Zynga to Mafia Wars and I’m sure you’re curious to see a complete list of loot items you can get after opening the new gift. Fortunately, I have managed to get all the information on the red mystery bags and I can share with you the items found inside.

Here’s what you can get from the new Red Mystery Bag in Mafia Wars:

-Set of Veteran Dog Tags
– Energy bonus
– $1,000 in New York
– Daily Chance Ticket
– + Experience (up to 100)
– Random Boost
– Valentine’s Day Collection Items
– Snow Leopard
– Manhunter Shotgun

How can you get the new red mystery bag? You can get if from completing jobs in the game and you can also share it with your mafia members!

Do you like this new Red Mystery Bag and the items inside it?