After a bunch of cool new FarmVille updates, I discovered that there are two new goodies Zynga didn’t tell us about: two new FarmVille ribbons, the Fenced In ribbon and the Egg-celent Discovery one. To find out all the details about these new ribbons, read on!

fenced-inThe Fenced In ribbon (click image for larger view) is awarded for placing a specific number of fences (any type) on your farm. Apparently, it won’t be awarded retroactively, so if you have fences already placed, you’ll have to do it all over to get the ribbons. Here are the requirements for all Fenced In ribbons:

– Yellow Ribbon: Requires 5 placed fences, awards 25 XP and 500 Coins
– White Ribbon: Requires 50 placed fences, awards 100 XP and 2,500 Coins
– Red Ribbon: Requires 100 placed fences, awards 250 XP and 5,000 Coins
– Blue Ribbon: Requires 250 placed fences, awards 1000 XP and 10,000 Coins

egg-celentThe Egg-celent Discovery ribbon (click image for larger view) after finding a specific number of mystery eggs in your Chicken Coop (so mystery eggs found in neighbor chicken coops don’t count!). Here are all the requirements and rewards for the Egg-celent Discovery ribbon:

– Yellow Ribbon: Find 5 mystery eggs, awards 50 XP and 1,000 Coins
– White Ribbon: Find 10 mystery eggs, awards 100 XP and 2,500 Coins
– Red Ribbon: Find 25 mystery eggs, awards 250 XP and 5,000 Coins
– Blue Ribbon: Find 50 mystery eggs, awards 1000 XP and 10,000 Coins

For the players who have some money, the Fenced In ribbon becomes one of the easiest ribbons to get. Either way, it’s nice to have new ribbons every now and then to keep the challenge going!


  1. Just fyi: Unless Zynga has fixed it . . . the Fenced In Ribbon is kind of a rip off. I was disappointed that all my many fences weren’t to be acknowledged retroactively, but I got over that. None of the other new ribbons were awarded retroactively, either. But, I remain very frustrated that multiple purchases of the same type of fence do not count toward the number of fences needed to win a ribbon.
    In other words, I went to the market, and bought five fences to achieve the first ribbon. After placing them all, and not receiving my ribbon, I went to look at the ribbon indicator and learned I had placed “one” not five. I still had four to go. So, I went back to the market, and bought another one to see if it would be counted. Nope! It wasn’t until I switched and bought a different color fence that another fence placement was acknowledged. So, now I have colored fences that I didn’t want, just to get to the first level of ribbon. The game doesn’t even include enough different styles or colors of ribbons to allow the player to be awarded the second ribbon.

    I’d say it’s the first really major complaint I have, but it’s a big one.


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