cowprint-farmville-buildingsZynga decided to start the new year with power: not only that they have released a new Chicken Coop Neighbor interaction and a cool new FarmVille mystery box (plus two brand new ribbons we’ll talk about soon), but they also released a bunch of really cool looking, limited cowprint buildings and decorations that will certainly make your FarmVille farm look more line a dream farm!

Unfortunately for those who can’t afford to spend real money on the items, there’s not too much of a good news: most of the cowprint buildings and decorations can only be purchased for FV cash… Here’s a list of all the items you can buy and some details about them:

Cowprint Dairy farm, costs 22 FV cash, gives 120 XP upon purchase, acts like a regular dairy farm.
Cowprint Barn, costs 28 FV cash, gives 850 XP upon purchase, can store 20 items.
Cowprint Shed, costs 24 FV cash, gives 320 XP upon purchase, can store 15 items
Cowprint Balloon, decoration, costs 18 FV cash, gives 120 XP
Cowprint Potty, decoration, costs 10 FV cash, gives 25 XP
Cowprint Tower, decoration, costs 16 FV cash, gives 102 XP

cowprint-farmville-decorationsThe only limited edition cowprint item you can purchase is the Cowprint Silo, which costs 20,000 coins and gives you 200 XP points.

All the items are only available until next Wednesday (13th of January) so start saving some money now if you wish to get them all!