yellow-blue-mystery-boxWell, it appears that I was a bit too fast today with the news about the apocalyptic “no mystery box this week” as Zynga has already released a new mystery box in FarmVille, the yellow and light blue mystery box. If you’re interested to find out all the details about it, including what’s inside, read on!

Like always, the new yellow and light blue FarmVille mystery box from Zynga will only be available until next Wednesday and it costs 16 FV cash to purchase.

If you’re wondering what’s inside the new mystery box, here’s the list:

– Mini Train set + 450 XP
– Gazebo + 200 XP
– 50 Fuel Refills + ? XP
– Bunny Slope + ? XP
– White Barn + ?XP
– Gold Chicken + ? XP

I do believe that the Gold Chicken is amongst the least wanted things with this Mystery Box. Persoanlly, I love the Mini Train set and the Bunny Slope.

What did you get from the new Mystery Box and how satisfied are you with the gift?


  1. Ok, Ill admit I’m becoming very disappointed by the mystery boxes as the prizes are becoming less and less desirable. Not to mention the XP’s have gone down considerably.
    Today I opened two. One contained a white barn @ 450 XP, which wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t already have TWO groovy barns. The second mystery box contained a pathetic gold chicken which I already have tons of and a mere 50 XP’s.
    Even with the enticement of the new “They of Mystery” ribbon, I’m done with mystery boxes


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