An amazing multiplayer Team Fortress 2 mod has just been released, turning the popular free to play FPS into an even more amazing experience: the Bomberman mod for Team Fortress 2 brings into play the Bomberman concept (blow walls away, them blow your enemies away) in a really fun way.

Unfortunately, at least for now, the explosions of the bombs in this TF2 mod do not work similarly to the ones in Bomberman (they have a limited radius), but that’s just a minor setback that doesn’t take that much of the fun of the mod. And since we have tons of Powerups (which can be used as traps, as you will see in the video below), I am sure that everybody will be happy.

You can play and find out more about the Bomberman mod for Team Fortress 2 on the Mecha the Slang website and you can check out the video below to see some actual gameplay footage:

What do you think about this Bomberman mod for Team Fortress 2? Is it something you’re going to play?