fallout-3-deliveryboyWell, the recession is obviously affecting us all – even those living in virtual, post-apocalyptic worlds of the future… At least that’s the conclusion we can draw after finding out about a really funny restaurant that features the well-known vault boy all dressed up in white, holding a pizza in his hand.

Not the best choice to promote anything food-related thanks to the ton of radiation and monster related jokes they can make, but I’m not the one to tell somebody how to handle their business. However, Bethesda will certainly do: “Well he [the Vault Boy] is a big part of our Fallout brand and is copyrighted, so, yeah, deciding on your own to use him to promote your business or product, or to sell stuff, or whatever, without getting permission from us … not a good idea,” said Bethesda to Joystiq.

Oh boy, and that’s how you raise the unemployment rates!