fallout-newvegasscreenFinally, we’re starting to get some details about the upcoming Fallout game, Fallout: New Vegas. Bethesda released a teaser trailer for the game as well as just a bit of extra information (but just a tiny little bit!). Either way, I can tell you that I’ve never been so excited in my whole life – I simply loved Fallout 3 (as well as the previous games in the franchise) and I do hope for a flawless game from Fallout: New Vegas.

The new RPG from Bethesda and Obsidian is the follow-up to the 2008 Game of the Year, Fallout 3 and according to the official description “brings this beloved franchise to a location only Fallout could do justice: Vegas. Fallout: New Vegas takes all the action, humor, and post-apocalyptic grime and grit of this legendary series, and raises the stakes.” Everything during this fall when Fallout: New Vegas’ release date is set!

In the released teaser trailer that can be enjoyed below, we’re shown the post-apocalyptic world we’ve got used to with from the series, and also a glimpse of the New Vegas which apparently is a really huge and probably self-sustained city. Hopefully this doesn’t mean less locations for us and less wasteland to explore… We’ll see as soon as extra Fallout: New Vegas details arise. Until then, I’ll keep watching again and again the teaser trailer: