dr=pepperElectronic Arts has teamed up with Dr. Pepper to offer those who enjoy the drink and also live in the US a chance to get some extra Mass Effect 2 goodies as DLC using promo codes on Dr. Pepper drinks. Fortunately for those who don’t live in the US or don’t drink the beverage, Hellforge has found out that the Mass Effect 2 Dr. Pepper DLC codes are static and reusable.

What does this mean? Well, it means that you can get the Mass Effect 2 freebies for yourself if you use any of the codes below:


According to the information on Hellforge, all you have to do is “simply create an account on Dr Pepper’s Promotion website, fill in whatever fake details you please and simply use an @mailinator.com address for the e-mail field. The site will never ask you to confirm your e-mail address. Once you’ve logged in, simply enter the promotional code and pick “No Purchase” for each of the three fields.”

When you’re done, just hit the button to redeem the DLC and log in with your real EA account details, select Mass Effect 2 from the list of games, and finalize your selection.

What are the Mass Effect 2 DLC items? Umbra Visor (Increases power damage by 5%), Recon Hood (Increases weapon damage by 5%) and Sentry Interface (Increases shield strength by 5% ). So go get them, you know they’re really useful!