Crytek have decided to announce the upcoming demo of Crysis 2 via Facebook, but as you can see in the image to the left, a very funny thing happened: the order of the images uploaded was not the happiest, and the announcements turned into a (most likely unintentional) puzzle.

However, it is still clear what the images are saying: the Crysis 2 demo is expected to hit PCs worldwide on 1st of March this year (or, according to the text: 1st PC coming demo March). Maybe it’s a code.

One thing starts to become clear though: since a demo is incoming, the chances that the Crysis 2 leak on torrents was nothing by a marketing move, as I thought it might’ve been, are close to 0 since a demo is coming and has the same purpose.

Either way, make sure that you have some free time on March 1st to play the Crysis 2 demo!


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