Fellow vampires, as I’ve told you (and you probably knew already), there is a new portal that has opened in Vampire Wars: the Bombay Portal and in this article I am here to share with you all the details about the Chapter 1 of this portal – energy requirements and Plumes.

Named “Devil at the Crossroads,” this first portal in the Vampire Wars Bombay has the following missions and requirements for level 3 mastery:

– Look Around the City (78 energy and 39 plumes)
– Arrive at the Crossroads (117 energy, 69 plumes)
– Avoid the Cop’s Fiery Gaze (156 energy, 78 plumes)
– Create a Diversion (195 energy, 78 plumes)
– Escape from the Crossroads (114 energy, 78 plumes)

After mastering the Devil at the Crossroads first chapter in the Bombay Portal, you will earn the Fire Starter ability which gives you 78 Attack and 30 Defense.

The next chapter, Femme Fatale, unlocks on 18.02, so check back soon for all the details!