Zynga has opened a new portal in Vampire Wars: the Bombay Portal, which comes with a ton of new goodies for your virtual vampire to earn, plus a chance of winning 1,000 Favor points for collecting all the Bombay Abilities. In this article I will share with you all the generic aspects about the Bombay Portal in Vampire Wars and in the next several days, I will detail each chapter.

The Bombay Portal will only stay open for 24 days and there are 6 chapters to complete in Vampire Wars – these will be released one at a time, giving you enough time (hopefully) to master the previous chapter: for every chapter, a Limited Edition ability can be earned, if you manage to get a mastery of 3 for the chapter.

There are also 6 abilities to be won in the Bombay Portal, plus an extra Epic LE ability for those who master all the chapters to level 3: Shadow Wolves. In addition, everybody who does this will have a chance to win 1,000 Favor Points from Zynga (5 winners will be randomly selected). So you have some really solid reasons to start playing Vampire Wars with dedication now, don’t you?