A new feature went live in Cafe World: Mr. Snowball, a new item we can build or buy directly with Cafe Cash in order to get more holiday-themed customers in our virtual Cafes and, overall, have a better cafe. If you want to learn everything about Mr. Snowball in Cafe World, then read on this guide!

Zynga’s presentation of Mr. Snowball reads: “Sit back and watch as all the festive customers bring holiday cheer to your cafe. To remove from your cafe, simply click and drag the charm into your inventory. You can bring it back to your cafe whenever you want.”

In other words, you will have to first build Mr. Snowball (unless you want to buy it complete for 25 Cafe Cash). Here are the materials required to build Mr. Snowball in Cafe World:

– 5 Silk Hats
– 5 Carrots
– 5 Snow Buttons
– 5 Large Snow Balls

After completing Mr. Snowball, a lot of holiday-themed characters will be invited to eat and drink and have fun in your cafe. Here are the new characters that will be brought in by the Snowman:

– Santa
– Mrs. Claus
– Red Stripe Boy Elf
– Red Stripe Girl Elf
– Green Stripe Boy Elf
– Green Stripe Girl Elf
– Elder Elf
– Nutcracker
– Cool Kid

So even though, in terms of gameplay, nothing is changed by the introduction of Mr. Snowball, these new characters will certainly become a welcomed change in your Cafe World cafe! Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below and don’t forget to check back soon to read everything about the Mr. Snowball missions!