undercoverAlthough Need For Speed Undercover was not as successful as Electronic Arts would’ve liked it to be and even though there are already big plans for the future regarding the NFS franchise, EA hasn’t given up on their latest racing game and are preparing the launch of a patch to improve the game’s overall experience.

The announcement of the NFS Undercover 1st patch was made by Scott Nielsen, the producer of the latest game in the franchise. He said in the official EA forums:

“The 1st patch for NFS Undercover features a series of performance optimizations to address frame rate inconsistencies and enhancements to the adaptive difficulty logic to accelerate the difficulty curve for the expert players. I can tell you that we are definitely going to be supporting Undercover with additional content over the coming months.”

He also stated that the development team is willing to pay attention to what the community has to say and they will do their best to listen to the demands of the game’s fans and address them accordingly. Which means that Electronic Arts keep improving and might become, sometime in the future, a beloved publisher, after all these years…

Back to the Need For Speed patch, Nielsen said that it will be released this week and it will “definitely address most, hopefully all, of the frame rate issues that some of you have been experiencing”. No other details were offered though – so that might be the biggest improvement. Which is big, we have to admit!