We have to admit that shooters rarely have something new to bring story or concept-wise: you’re the alpha dude, the one-man army and you have to destroy everything around to save the world, your girl or just to get revenge. However, every now and then a developer decides to come up with something new and impress the gamers. This is the case of D3 Publisher’s Eat Lead: the Return of Matt Hazard.

Who is Matt Hazrad and why is he returning, you might ask. Well… Matt is a classic video game hero from the 80s everybody heard about but who started to be ignored by the public and nobody has heard of him for six years or so. And now it has the chance to return and prove the entire world that he still is the best game hero in the whole world! For that, he has to star in this new game and fight against all his previous foes.

Does all that sound completely out of this world? Well, it is, because Matt Hazard never existed and its entire history is made up by D3P. So you can imagine that this shooter, Eat Lead: the Return of Matt Hazard is one which values humor and has a great premise to start with. With such a great story on his shoulders, Matt has the potential to become the next games icon if the game itself will be done perfectly.

And it appears that D3P has plans for that: the voice acting will be done by actors Will Arnett (30 Rock, Arrested Development) and Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother). Hopefully, the visual aspect and gameplay will rise to the standards, too. Because we do need a Matt Hazard in the games world!