The introduction of the PSP 3000 was met with positive reactions from people all over the world and Sony upped the stake by offering two really cool bundles: a Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters PSP Entertainment Pack, already up for grabs and a PSP 4GB Memory Entertainment Pack which was going to hit the retail stores in November. Now the company changed its plans and canned the PSP 3000 4GB bundle.

The announcement of the cancellation of this entertainment pack (which was going to offer buyers a black PSP 3000, a 4GB Memory Stick and a download of Everyday Shooter) was posted on the PlayStation Blog: “SCEA has seen significant interest in the Ratchet & Clank Size Matters PSP Entertainment Pack in North America, which includes the updated PSP-3000. As a result, we will be streamlining our PSP hardware lineup and will no longer be offering the previously announced 4GB Memory PSP Entertainment Pack,” the post reads.

And that is at least strange. I understand that, if a company sees increased sales following the release of a products, it has to release more, but this does not mean it has to cancel other planned releases. What if the 4GB Entertainment pack was going to show SCEA “significant interest” as well? Strange, very strange.

However, if you still want a larger capacity for your new PSP 3000, Sony has your problem solved: they’ll release this fall a 4GB PSP Memory Stick PRO Duo. Hopefully a 2GB one won’t see “significant interest” to make the company can this stick, too.